Cancelling or Suspending an Accreditation

Accredited organizations may request cancellation of their accreditation for a variety of reasons. A corporation may decide to relinquish its responsibility due to a corporate merger or a change in ownership. Municipalities may make this decision for economic reasons, when permit revenue does not justify the expense of employing safety codes officers or the cost of maintaining a contract with an accredited agency.

Voluntary Cancellation or Suspension

Organizations wishing to cancel or suspend their accreditation in ALL disciplines must submit an application to the Administrator of Accreditation. Cancellation requests can only be submitted by an organization’s authorized representative.

Where a voluntary cancellation occurs, responsibility for the administration of the Act transfers to the next authority having jurisdiction. For corporations this is typically an accredited municipality. When a municipality becomes unaccredited, jurisdiction will transfer to ASCA.

Apply to Cancel or Suspend Accreditation
  • Reasonable Notice
  • Draft Transition Plan
  • Municipal Resolution (Municipalities)

There is no fee to submit a voluntary cancellation application.

All applications for cancellation or suspension must include:

Reasonable Notice

Accredited organizations must provide reasonable notice of their intention to cancel their accreditation.  If notice has not already been provided to the Administrator, it must be provided as part of the application process through Council Connect.  Please be aware that if it is submitted with the application, it may delay the completion of the request.

Draft Transition Plan

A draft transition plan, based on the Council’s template, must also be uploaded in order to submit the cancellation application.  The draft transition plan must be redlined to display any changes made to the template.

Transition plan templates are available on request. For more information about transition plans, click here.

Municipalities must include:

Municipal Resolution

If the application is being made by a municipality, a signed resolution of the municipal council supporting the cancellation of their accreditation is required. The resolution can be submitted at the beginning of the application process or with the final transition plan.

Cancellation or Suspension by the Administrator

The Act gives the Administrator the authorization to cancel or suspend an accreditation.  If the Administrator is of the opinion that the accredited organization is not compliant with the Act, the terms and conditions of accreditation, or serious danger to persons or property exists, the accreditation can be cancelled or suspended.