Code Books & Guides

The Safety Codes Council produces a number of handbooks and guides to help you interpret and apply the codes and standards recognized in the province of Alberta.
Barrier-Free Design Guide 2017 – FREE DOWNLOAD
The Barrier-Free Council of the Safety Codes Council, in partnership with Alberta Municipal Affairs has developed the Barrier-Free Design Guide to provide further interpretation and understanding of accessibility requirements under section 3.8. of the Alberta Building Code. The Guide also makes recommendations for best practice design solutions including residential living.
Barrier-Free SCO Training Module – FREE DOWNLOAD
Although most safety codes officers (SCOs) are aware that the ABC 2014 includes requirements for persons with disabilities, many may not be aware of the overall range of disabilities. This module explains the range of disabilities and identifies the categories of buildings that must be accessible and usable by persons with disabilities.

12-Storey Encapsulated Mass Timber Construction
STANDATA Users Guide 19-BCV-014/19-FCV-019 

The purpose of this variance is to permit the construction of buildings of up to 12-storeys in building height of encapsulated mass timber construction (EMTC), as an alternative solution to the National Building Code–2019 Alberta Edition (NBC(AE)) and the National Fire Code-2019 Alberta Edition (NFC(AE)).

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Alberta Electrical Utility Code –
5th Edition, April 2016 – FREE DOWNLOAD

The Alberta Electrical Utility Code sets out minimum standards to be followed in regards to electrical work.

(Print version also available for purchase through Alberta Queen’s Printer.)

Private Sewage Systems Standard of Practice
Handbook 2015
This handbook serves as a complement to the Private Sewage Systems Standard and provides explanatory supplemental information to the code.
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Alberta Private Sewage Systems –
Standard of Practice, Third Edition 2015 – FREE DOWNLOAD
The private sewage standards set out design standards, installation standards and material requirements for onsite private sewage systems handling less than 25 cubic metres (5,500 Imperial gallons) sewage volume per day.
Download Code Books

The National Research Center of Canada has made available certain code books free for download. These include: