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Safety Codes Council

Senior Policy and Engagement Analyst

Open until a suitable candidate is found

Partner Organizations

The partners of the Safety Codes Council, including accredited municipalities, corporations, agencies, Alberta Municipal Affairs, and safety codes officer organizations, need committed individuals to carry out the work of the safety codes system.

If you are interested in posting a job within Alberta’s safety codes system, please send a copy of the job description with all relevant details to

Plumbing & Gas SCO - The Inspections Group Inc.

Open until a suitable candidate is found

Plumbing & Gas SCO (Grande Prairie or North) - Superior Safety Codes

Open until a suitable candidate is found

Building SCO (Southern Alberta) - Park Enterprises Ltd.

Open until a suitable candidate is found

Plumbing & Gas SCO, Calgary - Davis Inspection Services

Open until a suitable candidate is found

Building SCO (Edmonton) - Superior Safety Codes

Open until a suitable candidate is found

Building Safety Codes Officer II - City of Edmonton

Open until a suitable candidate is found

Building Safety Codes Officer II (2) - City of Edmonton

Open until a suitable candidate is found

Leader, Building Inspections - City of Calgary

Closes: July 17, 2024

Safety Codes Technician (Temporary) 1 - Rocky View County

Closes: July 17, 2024

Safety Codes Technician (Temporary) 2 - Rocky View County

Closes: July 17, 2024

Safety is our job

The Safety Codes Council is made up of hardworking, supportive professionals who are dedicated to promoting the safety of all Albertans.
Our mandate requires the collaboration of staff from many disciplines, including:
  • Customer care and client professionals
  • Safety codes officers (expertise provided in auditing and inspection functions)
  • Accounting professionals
  • Project management experts
  • Adult learning and training developers
  • Graphic designers
  • Communications experts
  • Software developers
  • Human resources professionals

We seek outstanding results in everything we do. At the Council, professional achievement means making a difference in the lives of Albertans and ensuring the safety of our province for the future.

For more information about our role in Alberta’s safety, visit our About Us page.

Our compensation package

Permanent employees can expect a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package with generous matching DPSP, RRSP contributions and professional development.

We invest in you

We value the contributions of our staff and strive to offer a supportive, engaging, and fun work environment. We are person-focused in our practices, ensuring that our work environment empowers motivated and innovative employees.

We take pride in providing:

  • opportunities and support for professional development;
  • promotion of work/life balance, including flexible work arrangements and office closure between Christmas and New Year’s Day;
  • regular wellness days and social events;
  • an environment that fosters engagement and empowers staff to work within their interests and passions.

Make an impact

Join our dedicated team of professionals and make a meaningful impact on the lives of Albertans. We offer many exciting job opportunities, so explore our current openings today!

Where my team:
  • inspires me to do my best
  • treats me with respect
  • collaborates in a productive and supportive manner
  • values my work and contributions
Where you are:
  • encouraged to look for new or better way to do things
  • given the tools and resources to do your job successfully
  • provided with a comfortable open space and state of the art technology
Where communication is:
  • a valued part of the office environment
  • a productive dialogue between leadership and staff
  • encouraged and supported for all members of the organization
Where customer service:
  • is dealt with in a respectful and ethical manner
  • is going beyond the expected
  • is about providing excellent support in a timely manner


Having worked with the Council for many years in a number of capacities, I can sincerely say the Safety Codes Council is a top organization that serves Albertans and all communities with dedicated intent to provide better and safer structures and the spaces we live and work in.
From the initial welcome, onboarding process and opportunities provided through the training and continued career development, the Council has shown they are 1st rate with valuing the employees, their families and positive growth of the individuals and the corporation alike. Truly a professional organization that is dedicated to all they serve.

Staff Member, Operations Planning and Support

with the Council for 3 years

When I started with the Council in November of 2019, what really stood out for me is the workplace culture. From my experience, the culture here is very welcoming and friendly, and everyone immediately made me feel at home. Having the opportunity to do such meaningful work not just for the Council, but for the betterment of the province as a whole is one of the key reasons why I wanted to join the Council team, and what motivates me to come into work every day. I enjoy the collaborative nature of the work I am accountable for in the multimedia department. The people I work with in my team are incredibly supportive, easy to get along with, and always willing to lend a hand. I would say to a new hire, or a prospective employee, is that you would be incredibly lucky to join the Safety Codes Council, especially during these unprecedented times. The Council has really taken employee safety and health into consideration, and been incredibly accommodating to people’s individual needs. The Council’s response has been incredibly impressive, and I could not imagine working anywhere else.

Staff Member, Education and Training

with the Council for 2 years

I want to go to work at the Council every day to meet a new challenge and come up with a plan to resolve the issue. Some issues may take more time to solve, but in the end, just seeing the results on someone’s face is what I’m shooting for. I’ve got to work with many individuals at the Council, and everyone has some unique skills to bring to the table.

The reason why I continue to work here now revolves around the people we serve. I want to share my knowledge and experiences with all municipal staff and agencies and help them improve the system. We must work together to meet the ongoing challenges. My reward at the end of every day is very simple. Just to receive a hand shake, thank you or smile from someone you have helped, is why I continue to do my job.

Working at the Council can be challenging, rewarding and each day can be very different. Bring your creative ideas, thoughts and experiences and be willing to share your ideas. I’ve seen many people move from department to department, and they thrive as they learn more and more. Just ask yourself, “Are you ready for the challenge?”

Staff Member, Audit

with the Council for 7 years