Accreditation Requirements

Organizations are required to report their annual activities to the Council. In addition, they may owe fees and levies.

What is Accreditation?

The Safety Codes Council has the authority to accredit municipalities, agencies, and corporations to administer the Safety Codes Act. These accredited organizations monitor compliance through permitting and inspections across the province.


Alberta Safety Codes Authority

The Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA) is a division of the Safety Codes Council that serves the approximately 300,000 Albertans who live in unaccredited areas of the province. ASCA ensures that Albertans in these areas receive the same high level of service and accountability as those living in accredited areas.

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Contracted Agencies

ASCA partners with accredited agencies to provide services throughout the province so you can select a service provider that works for you.

List of Contracted Agencies
Become an ASCA Contracted Agency

Become an Accredited Organization

Municipalities, corporations, and agencies can apply to administer the Safety Codes Act in one or more discipline. Applying to become an accredited organization is a formal process. Certain information must be provided for the application to be considered.
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