Council Compliance Audit

A formal and independent examination of the practices, policies, and procedures that accredited organizations use in providing permitting and inspection services in their jurisdictions.

A Council Compliance Audit ensures that the administrative procedures of an accredited organization are consistent with the terms and conditions of its Quality Management Plan, the Safety Codes Act, and the Act’s regulations.

Audit department staff also assist accredited organizations by providing knowledge and tools to improve the administration of the Quality Management Plan.

Any accredited organization (municipality, corporation or agency) that monitors compliance through permitting and inspections services is subject to audit.

How are organizations selected for audit?

The typical selection criteria determining which accredited organizations will be audited each year is based on risk assessment and includes:

  • Previous audit results
  • Operational activities
  • Service delivery model
  • Time period since last audit
  • Years of Accreditation
Council Compliance Audit – Quick Facts
  • An organization will receive 6-8 weeks notice before the audit takes place.
  • Audits typically cover activity in the previous 12-month period.
  • An audit takes 2-5 days on average.
  • The Council aims to audit each organization every 3-5 years.

Audit Process

Notification Letter

The audit department will send a notice informing the accredited organization that an audit will take place in the next 6-8 weeks. The notice will contain details including the scope of the audit and how to prepare.


Safety Codes Council Auditors will review selected files from the organization along with their policies and procedures to assess their success in fulfilling their requirements of accreditation.

Findings Report

The audit team will deliver the formal audit findings report with observations and recommendations to the accredited organizations within fifty days. Accredited organizations are required to provide action plan in response to audit findings within ninety days after the report is released.

Our compliance audit process focuses on assessing the following areas:

  • overall quality management of accredited municipalities;
  • administration of permitting and inspection services provided by accredited municipalities under their approved Quality Management Plan;
  • process for completion of required fire inspections and investigations;
  • certification and designation of safety codes officers and permit issuers;
  • processes supporting the issuance of orders or alternative solutions and the delivery of other safety codes services; and,
  • administration of safety codes fees and levies.

Audit Satisfaction Survey

Following the audit, the accredited organizations will receive a survey via email. The survey helps the Council and the audit department to identify ways to improve the audit program.