Stakeholder Engagement

The Safety Codes Council values the expertise and hands-on experience of our various stakeholders. The feedback we receive from our partners and clients is essential to our planning process and helps guide our strategic direction. We strive to engage stakeholders through a variety of ways, including working groups, focus groups, surveys, interviews, and more.

Stakeholder Engagement Framework

The Safety Codes Council has developed a stakeholder engagement framework to guide our organization as we continue to build strong mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and stakeholders.

Alberta’s safety codes system is complex and ever changing. This framework will ensure the perspectives of those we serve – our clients and stakeholders – are reflected in our programs and services.

Our stakeholder engagement framework was created using IAP2 (International Association of Public Participation) best practices and reviewed by internal and external partners before publication. This framework provides insight into our engagement approach and methods we undertake in support of our mission, mandate, and strategic plan. This framework will provide clear direction as we engage our partners and work together to understand shared risks and establish common goals within the safety system.

The Council is committed to working with stakeholders in Alberta’s safety codes system and we believe effective engagement is integral to building a culture of collaboration and transparency between our organization and our partners.

Stakeholder Engagement Surveys

Certification and Permit Regulation Review

As part of our legislative mandate, the Safety Codes Council has an opportunity to review any proposed regulatory changes under the Safety Codes Act. The Certification and Permit Regulation expires on October 31, 2024, so to be prepared for a review of any proposed amendments to it, we are engaging with members to identify issues and opportunities and potential solutions from April 19 to May 5, 2024. The results are currently under review.


There are no upcoming engagements at this time.

Past Engagements

Click on each one for a brief summary of our findings as well as next steps.

2023 Accreditation Program Review

In 2023, the Council engaged with accredited organizations to inform the review of the accreditation program. 

2023 Annual Programs and Services Survey

As part of our commitment to continual improvement, we conducted the Annual Safety Codes Council Programs and Services Survey in 2023 and the result are now available!

2022 Accreditation Program Review

In response to a request from Municipal Affairs, the Council held stakeholder engagements with organizations across the province to inform an accreditation model review.

Master Electrician Program Review – Spring 2021

Worked with stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement.

2022 Annual Survey Results

Collecting feedback from a broad range of clients and partners on their experiences with the Council.

2021 Annual Survey Results

Collecting feedback from a broad range of clients and partners on their experiences with the Council.

2020 Annual Survey – Fall 2020

Collecting feedback from a broad range of clients and partners on their experiences with the Council.

Curriculum Modernization

Engaging stakeholders on the creation of an SCO Competency Profile and completing a review and upgrade of the Council curriculum based on the results.

Orders and Enforcement Workshop

Orders and Enforcement Workshop Survey – Closed

Thank you to everyone who provided their input. Your insights are being used to develop the Orders and Enforcement workshop which will be available in 2023.

Consultation Survey

The Safety Codes Council has conducted a consultation survey with key stakeholder groups who either administer the Act through their accreditation, or interact with accredited organizations within the safety codes system. This includes Safety Codes Officers (SCOs), Quality Management Plan (QMP) managers, secondary contacts, senior officials, and representatives from industry stakeholder associations. The survey is being administered by Malatest, a private research firm.

Results will be posted when available.

We value a diverse range of perspectives and actively seek feedback from stakeholders of various backgrounds. If you would like to be informed of opportunities to participate in upcoming engagements related to your field of expertise, please email us at