SCO Code of Ethics

The Safety Codes Officer Code of Ethics clarifies the ethical standards and responsibilities that apply to safety codes officers.

This code of ethics sets out fundamental principles intended to guide safety codes officers in carrying out their duties and exercising their authorities. It does not specifically address potential situations that safety codes officers will encounter, but it is expected that all will act in accordance with the spirit and intent of the code.

The SCO Code of Ethics was written in collaboration with our sub-council members and other stakeholders. It is designed to work with other codes of ethics, including those of employers or professional organizations. Please contact us to discuss any potential conflicts with the Administrator of Certification.

Breaches of ethics

The Safety Codes Council has a complaint investigation process to resolve concerns about the conduct, performance, or competency of an individual or organization that has authority, powers, or duties under the Safety Codes Act. Please read the Complaint Investigations web page for detailed information.