Individuals with a valid Alberta Master Electrician certification are able to obtain comparable certification in British Columbia and/or Ontario. For more information, click here.

Out of Province Credentials - 2021

The Council assesses out-of-province credentials on an individual basis.

2021 Interprovincial Exam

The Interprovincial Exam allows individuals with credentials equivalent to an Alberta Master Electrician to take a 2-hour exam on Alberta-specific codes and standards.

If you have appropriate out-of-province certification that is current and in good standing, you may be eligible to write the Interprovincial Exam to obtain master electrician certification in Alberta.

If you hold an equivalent certification issued by another province, you do not need to be tested on technical knowledge. However, you are required to pass the Interprovincial Exam, which tests knowledge of roles and responsibilities of a Master Electrician under Alberta legislation.

To be eligible to write the Interprovincial Exam, you must have one of the following:

  • British Columbia Electrical Field Safety Representative (FSR) certification*
  • Ontario master electrician certification

*If you hold FSR B, your Master Electrician license will hold the same voltage restriction.

International credentials

The Council does not assess credentials from other countries. Individuals who have credentials from outside of Canada should reach out to Alberta’s Apprenticeship and Industry Training program.

About the 2021 Interprovincial Exam:
  • online only
  • open book (Council permitted materials only)
  • 40 multiple-choice questions
  • two hour time limit
  • passing grade is 75%​

If you are approved, the cost to write the exam is $150.00.  The total cost of the exam and the prequalification review, $200.00, is the same as the cost of the full 7-hour master electrician exam. In both cases, the cost is applied to your first year of certification as a master electrician.
Click here for information on Refunds and Cancellations.

Proctoring for the 2021 Interprovincial Exam

Exams must be supervised. Students can use the Council’s online proctoring software to take their exams. A computer with a camera and a microphone are required.