eSITE - electronic Safety Information Tracking Environment

eSITE is a web based application designed, developed, supported & hosted by the Safety Codes Council. It is used by small- to medium-sized organizations to enter and manage safety related data. Also, it is used by Alberta Municipal Affairs as an effective tool for monitoring agency and delegated administrative organization (DAO) activity.

eSITE-R – reporting environment

Used by authorized organizations who contribute safety data into eSITE. It serves as an excellent resource for organizations wishing to access their safety related information through easy to use, standard and custom reports.

Subscription Options

Your organization may subscribe to any one of the offerings that we currently support:

  • Standard Setup: Organization logs in and enters data/may or may not use an agency
  • Shared Accountability:  Organization does not enter data but wants to monitor their agency activity
  • Delegated Accountability:  Organization does not use eSITE, agency conducts all permit related activity
  • Development permit only: Organization enters development permit data only
  • External Organization: Organization contributes data to eSITE-R

eSITE Support

For help with your existing eSite subscription, or to learn more about our offerings, please contact Support at 780.413.0099/1.888.413.0099.