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Storage Tanks: Annual Operating Permit

Flammable & combustible liquid storage tank systems with individual tank(s)/compartment(s) 2,500 litres or greater in capacity require an annual Operating Permit. This permit is valid January 1st to December 31st each calendar year, or as specified on the certificate.

For new tank(s) or system installations, alterations and/or removals, a New Work Permit must first be obtained, work completed and permit process closed prior to being able to receive an Operating Permit.

If you are unsure of who your service provider is for your municipality, please use the Council’s Where to get a Permit tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has the Safety Codes Council taken over for the Petroleum Tank Management Association (PTMAA)?

As of June 8th 2020, the Government of Alberta transferred the delegated authority for storage tank systems in unaccredited areas of Alberta from the Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta (PTMAA) to the Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA), a division of the Safety Codes Council. Municipalities that are accredited in Part 4 of the NFC(AE) will continue administering related permitting and inspections per their Quality Management Plan.

You can read the STANDATA issued by Municipal Affairs here.

Why is ASCA referring to Petroleum Tanks as a Storage Tank System?

Storage tank system means a system for the storage and dispensing of flammable liquids and combustible liquids and is not limited to storage tanks, associated piping, vents, pumps, and dispensing equipment.

The National Fire Code – 2019 Alberta Edition refers to refined crude petroleum products as flammable and combustible liquids based on product flashpoints as stated in the classification system in Article of the Fire Code.  Most common products such as gasoline and diesel fuel fall within this classification system.

How do I know if my tank is in an unaccredited area?

Click here and select the location of your tank. If under “Storage Tank System – Fire Code” it lists the Alberta Safety Codes Authority, your tank is in an unaccredited area.

I have a small used oil tank and a small diesel tank. The used oil is 1135 Litres and the diesel is 2499 Litres. Do I need to get an operating permit every year for either of these tanks?

No. Tanks with a capacity of less than 2500 Litres are not required to obtain an annual operating permit.

Now that ASCA is responsible for storage tank systems in unaccredited areas of Alberta, do I have to reapply and include everything that was previously submitted a number of months or years ago?

No, the information previously provided to PTMAA was transferred to ASCA and your file remains the same as it was with PTMAA. With the introduction of the inventory control system, an annual operating permit and information updates for storage tank systems in unaccredited areas of Alberta will need to be sent to ASCA.