Building Sub-Council

Humans live in an environment of their own making. The buildings that shape our lives are all around us: houses, apartments, office buildings, restaurants, churches and sports stadiums. The building codes ensure that a building stays strong and can stand up to the weather, the number of people inside, or even its own weight.

The Building Sub-Council members meet on a regular basis to discuss issues in the building industry and to make sure that our built environment is safe to inhabit. Our Building Sub-Council members are generous volunteers who make the province a safer place.


Grace O’Brien ​Architecture
​Colin Belliveau ​Labour
Russell Croome (Vice-Chair N) ​Fire Officials
​David Flanagan ​Major Municipalities – North
​Rick Gratton ​Consumer Protection
​Stephen Hill ​Rural Municipalities
​Keith Jansen ​Builders & Developers
​Corey Klimchuk ​Building Owners
Robert Kralka ​Public at Large
​Matthew Kramer ​HVAC
Terry O’Flaherty ​Mechanical Contractors
​Brendan Ottosen ​Large Industrial Developments
​Lee Phillips ​General Contractors
​Darin Sceviour ​Urban Municipalities
Darrin Harsch ​Building Officials
​Justin Pockar ​Major Municipalities – South
​Andrew Smith (Chair) ​Professional Engineers