Education Resources

The Council is pleased to offer resources for safety codes officers, QMP managers and admins, and anyone who is looking to learn more about our safety codes system.
Courses for Safety Codes Officers

The following courses were created to address common gaps in SCO knowledge identified by our stakeholders. These courses are offered periodically throughout the year:

  • Tools for Effective Inspection Report Writing (100185)
  • Variances – Gearing Up for Innovation and Safety (100187)
  • Inspections Best Practices (100188)

You can search for upcoming offerings by course code on Council Connect.

Courses for QMP staff

The following courses are designed to help the staff of accredited organizations better understand the structure of the safety codes system and the roles and responsibilities of the individuals who work in it:

  • Permit Issuers (100180)
  • Quality Management Plan Training (100181)

You can access the materials for these courses for free on Council Connect, or you can register for the full course and exam for a fee.

Technical Session Webinars

The Safety Codes Council offers free webinars to increase safety codes officer knowledge and provide continuing education opportunities.

The below videos were recorded during previous sessions. After watching the below recordings, you can self-report the corresponding amount of continuing education credits via your Council Connect account (category: webinar).

National Building Code of Canada 2020 Section 9.36 Code Update: April 10, 2024

5 credits

National Plumbing Code of Canada 2022 – Key Updates for SCOs: April 20, 2023

3 credits for watching the video, register for the quiz to receive 5 credits

Inspecting Lightning Protection Systems:
September 30, 2022

4 credits

Combustible Dust Webinar: January 21, 2022

3 credits

Variances, Refusals, and Appeals Webinar: December 8, 2021

3 credits

Continuing Education Information Session: November 4, 2021

2 credits

National Energy Code for Buildings Webinar: October 15, 2021

3 credits

Firestop Webinar: September 3, 2021

3 credits

Wood Truss Construction Webinar: June 11, 2021

3 credits

Building Code for Electrical SCOs: March 31, 2021

3 credits

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EMTC Building Technical Session: November 19, 2020

3 credits

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Energy Code Compliance (NECB 2017) Presentation – October 16, 2020

3 credits in self-study category

On October 16, 2020, Nabil Habashy presented on the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) 2017 and compliance in Alberta. A PDF of his presentation is available here.

Energy Code Compliance
Electrical Technical Session: September 25, 2020

3 credits

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Question #4: Substation Fence Grounding
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Plumbing and Gas Technical Session: June 26, 2020

3 credits

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