Code of Ethics - Master Electricians

The Code of Ethics statement clarifies the ethical standards and responsibilities that Master Electricians must abide by.

Having expectations clearly stated is intended to help Master Electricians identify situations that may be unethical.  With a code of ethics in place, it’s easier to talk about what should or should not be done.

The Alberta Master Electrician Code of Ethics should not conflict with other organizations’ codes of ethics. If you feel you have a conflict with another code of ethics that binds you, please speak to a certification associate at the Safety Codes Council who can advise you.

Breaches of ethics

The Safety Codes Council has a complaint investigation process to resolve concerns about the conduct, performance, or competency of an individual or organization that has authority, powers, or duties under the Safety Codes Act. Please read the Complaint Investigations web page for detailed information.

Signing the Master Electrician Code of Ethics

You will need to agree to the Code of Ethics when applying for certification renewal or for the Master Electrician Exam. When applying online, you will click an “Accept” button to acknowledge acceptance of the Code of Ethics.

View the Master Electrician Code of Ethics now.