Indigenous Bursary Application Form

This bursary assists indigenous individuals interested in becoming certified as Safety Codes Officers. Individuals can apply with or without community support.
  • Application as an individual: Please fill out the form below and submit.
  • Application as an individual with community support:
  • Please have a representative of the organization supporting you complete the Letter of Support.
  • Please fill out the application below; you can attach the Letter of Support to this application or email it to before the application deadline.




      By checking this box, I confirm that I am a resident of AlbertaBy checking this box, I confirm that I do not currently have access to employment benefits that would cover the cost of this training.


      Yes - I have applied for prequalification with the Council and have been approvedYes - I have emailed the necessary documentation to, orYes I am aware of the requirements and have attached the necessary documentation below




      Please note, you are not required to be sponsored by your community. We welcome applications from individuals with or without a community or community-based organization sponsor.







      I have read the FOIP Statement and certify that all information I have provided on this form is complete and accurate.