New Safety Codes to Come into Force on May 1, 2024

The National Building Code – 2023 Alberta Edition and National Fire Code – 2023 Alberta Edition have been published. These codes and the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2020 will come into force in Alberta on May 1, 2024.

The National Building Code – 2023 Alberta Edition and the National Fire Code – 2023 Alberta Edition are now available online. Paper copies will soon be available at the National Research Council’s Virtual Store. The National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2020 is now available for free online.

The Safety Codes Council supported the Government of Alberta’s review and adoption of these codes by providing input and advice after engaging industry, municipal, and technical experts through its sub-councils, as well as undertaking broader engagement – including agricultural stakeholders.

Key Features of the New Building, Fire and Energy Codes
  • Farm buildings will continue to be exempt from building, energy, and fire codes in Alberta.
  • Alberta is adopting Tier 1 as the minimum province-wide standard for building energy efficiency for housing and small buildings under Part 9 of the Alberta edition of the National Building Code and Tier 1 for energy efficiency for other buildings in the National Energy Code for Buildings 2020.
Transition Period

Alberta Municipal Affairs has provided additional flexibility and time to support the transition period for these codes. View the full release here.

 What this Means for Safety Codes Officers

 The Safety Codes Council continues to work with Municipal Affairs, industry partners, and subject matter experts to connect Safety Codes Officers (SCO) with resources to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently. The Council has partnered with the Professional Home Builders Institute (PHBI) and BILD Alberta to develop training specific to the energy efficiency tiers, which will be made available to SCOs.

The Council will communicate directly with SCOs about all available training, resources, and any required training. 

For more information on the new Alberta codes editions visit Building codes and standards |