Have Your Say: Upcoming Engagements from the Council

In the coming weeks, the Safety Codes Council will be conducting surveys to collect feedback on two upcoming initiatives. More information can be found below.

Accreditation Program Review

The Council will be seeking feedback from accredited organizations and safety codes system users on the delivery of the accreditation program. Specifically, we will be engaging in a conversation about how to better leverage safety codes system data to support the administration of accreditation, the commitment to enforce compliance, what effective monitoring and reporting of compliance looks like, how to ensure an accredited organization understands its role and accountabilities, and how the adoption of risk-based approaches can improve efficiency.

Feedback received from our stakeholders is crucial to formulating recommendations for consideration to ensure the delivery of the accreditation program is aligned with the public policy objectives and outcomes defined by the Minister of Municipal Affairs. Look for an email from Malatest, our survey provider, to have your say!

Curriculum Modernization

The Council is also seeking feedback on SCO curriculum modernization from SCOs and system users. A modernized curriculum will ensure that SCOs are equipped with the skills and competencies necessary to succeed in the constantly evolving safety codes system. Participants will be able to view the results from the SCO Competency Profile project as well as the framework and vision for a modern curriculum. Watch for an email from the Council to weigh in on these important improvements!