New Installation and Bracing Document Available for Wood Truss Manufacturing

The Western Wood Truss Association of Alberta has updated its Installation and Bracing document, which is shipped with every truss package by WWTA members. The new document more clearly shows standard recommended bracing requirements. 

The document can also be found on the WWTA website under the builders tab. In addition, on the same page you will also be able to view a 10 minute video that covers the same information as the document that you may use as a training tool.

In anticipation of the new building code that references the Truss Plate Institute of Canada 2019 document, which now includes a requirement for truss manufacturers to have a quality control program, the WWTA has developed a new Quality Control Standard for its members. All members of the WWTA will be audited to this standard to ensure that their manufacturing meets the requirements. Only truss plants that meet the standard will be given a certificate and be issued a WWTA plant number which they will then stamp on their trusses.

If you or your department has any questions or would like to arrange a virtual training session please contact Dave Pasolli.