Report from Our Annual General Meeting

The Council held a virtual Annual General Meeting on October 21. President and CEO Amina Deiab and Chair of the Board Kevin Griffiths highlighted last year’s achievements and presented an ambitious vision for the future.

Council members approved revised bylaws that allowed for the dissolution of the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) and the addition of two new sub-councils: the Electrical Utility Sub-Council and the Private Sewage Disposal System Sub-council.

In addition, the new bylaws allow for virtual meetings, appeal hearings, and voting, adjust for the new policy framework, and make the language more straightforward and concise.

Presenting Our Vision

Safety Codes Council staff have been working hard in 2020 to achieve the goals laid out in our 2020-22 Business Plan.

  • We are working to meet ambitious targets for client satisfaction in order to ensure that we continue to offer services at the highest level.
  • We are engaging with stakeholders as we assume authority for flammable and combustible liquid storage tank systems in unaccredited areas of the province, building a sustainable system for the future.
  • We are developing opportunities for our clients to learn more about the safety codes system and to address knowledge gaps.
  • We are completing projects to improve our governance and policy framework.

You can read more about the Council’s goals in our Business Plan.

Celebrating Our Accomplishments

In 2019, the Council took steps to improve our services and strengthen our partnerships across the province:

  • Reducing costs by offering codes, standards, and course materials for free.
  • Simplifying the procedures for our clients to save time and energy.
  • Increasing staff knowledge through cross-training.
  • Raising client satisfaction for our courses, conference, and audit process.
  • Shortening turnaround times.
  • Building relationships with our partners and clients.

You can read more about the Council’s 2019 accomplishments in our Annual Report.