Report from Our Sub-Councils: Q3 2021

Our sub-councils continue to meet via web conference to discuss the issues of importance to Alberta’s safety codes system. A full list of activities from Q3 2021 is listed below.

Plumbing Sub-Council

  • The sub-council reviewed the nominees for the Private Sewage Sub-Council.

Electrical Sub-Council

  • The sub-council reviewed the nominees for the Electrical Utilities Sub-Council.

Elevator Sub-Council

  • Timely Code Adoption and potential regulation changes
    • Municipal Affairs gave a presentation on a proposal to implement timely code adoption for elevating devices, including adopting the latest editions of codes and standards, removing certain code interpretations from regulation, and extending the expiry date on expiring regulations.
    • MOTION CARRIED to recommend to the Board of Directors timely code adoption in the elevating devices industry.
    • MOTION CARRIED to support the recommendations of Municipal Affairs to move Alberta specific regulations to alternate documents that are yet to be determined.

Pressure Equipment Sub-Council

  • Feedback to Municipal Affairs about pressure welding proposals
    • MA requested feedback on a number of proposals related to the welding industry and the Pressure Welders Regulation.
    • Based on the Pressure Welders Working Group’s review, the PESC provided feedback  and made a number of motions on the proposals.

Fire Sub-Council

  • Wildland Urban Interface Fire Risk Presentations by Alberta Agriculture & Forestry and Alberta Municipal Affairs.
    • Presentations included info on FireSmart Alberta, the National Guide for Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Fire published by NRC, and the various pieces of legislation that are involved.
    • Confusion in industry about Section 66.1 of the Safety Codes Act with regards to the implementation of FireSmart practices was identified as a barrier and Municipal Affairs is working to provide clarity.
  • Draft Occupant Load STANDATA was reviewed and a final draft will be brought to the next meeting.
  • MOTION CARRIED to support the current Overnight Childcare STANDATA (already published)

Amusement Rides Sub-Council

  • The ARSC identified other businesses that fall into the “Portable Provincial Amusement Ride Business” category identified as the nominating organization for the Portable Ride Operators industry segment. These organizations will be contacted to determine if they would like to serve as nominating organizations.
  • AEDARSA Report included:
    • Ten Accident/Incidents Reported to AEDARSA in 2021. AEDARSA completed 2 follow-up onsite investigations.
    • ASTM F2783-20 Update: Municipal Affairs, Technical and Corporate Services issued a notice declaring that the ASTM F2783-20 is in force in Alberta as of June 1st, 2021; this notice was posted on the AEDARSA website.

Building Sub-Council

  • Working Group created to develop recommendations regarding a draft bulletin STANDATA to address the use of shipping containers as buildings and when they would be subject to building and fire codes.
    • This initiative grew out of a recent appeal decision
  • Detailed feedback was given to the member representing APEGA about recent revisions to the Professional Schedules for engineer and architect involvement
  • MOTION CARRIED to support the draft Occupant Load STANDATA with comments
  • MOTION CARRIED to support the current Overnight Childcare STANDATA (already published)