Taking Steps Towards Modernizing Training

The Safety Codes Council is committed to providing the best possible training for Safety Codes Officers (SCOs). The Council has developed a Curriculum Modernization framework for improving SCO training aimed at ensuring SCOs have the knowledge they need to carry out their responsibilities under the Safety Codes Act, including issuing permits, performing inspections, and providing compliance monitoring services.

To ensure the Curriculum Modernization framework was informed by a broad range of perspectives, the Council engaged with safety system stakeholders, including SCOs, accredited organizations, code subject matter experts (SMEs), and construction industry stakeholders between November 2021 and June 2022. The results of these engagements are documented in the Curriculum Modernization Stakeholder Engagement – What We Heard report.

Starting in 2023, the Council will focus its initial efforts on addressing gaps in the SCO base competency curriculum. This will involve the creation of new courses and resources, as well as enhancements to existing courses. The Council will continue to engage with stakeholders throughout the implementation of this framework.