Alberta Municipal Affairs: Recent STANDATA and Notices

The following STANDATA bulletins were recently published by Alberta Municipal Affairs. All of these bulletins are available on AMA’s website.

Gas NoticeProhibited installation or use of non-certified gas fireplaces manufactured by Canadian Fire Hearth Mfg. Inc. and Luxor Mfg. Inc.
Building 19-BCV-018R1Adhered masonry veneer-generic engineered details
Fire 19-FCI-013Use of Containers, Portable Tanks and Transportation Tanks For The Ongoing Storage And Dispensing Of Flammable Liquids And Combustible Liquids
Building 19-BCB-007Permits under the building discipline
Building 19-BCI-002R1Barrier-Free Design Requirements: Relaxations
Building 19-BCB-006Architects or Engineers Providing the Professional Design Services of the Other
Electrical LEG-ECR-003 Electric Railways
Electrical 18-ECB-026    Section 26 – Installation of electrical equipment
Electrical 18-ECI-064         Section 64 – Renewable energy systems  
Electrical 18-ECV-064-218Rule 64 – 218 Photovoltaic rapid shutdown

Update: February 2

Alberta Municipal Affairs issued the following Gas STANDATA on February 2, 2021:

NoticeGas codes in force under the new regulation
NoticeServicing intervals for pressure relief valves on tanks 2500 USWG and less
NoticeCode requirements for propane fuel tanks
NoticeField approvals, permits and variances
20-GVC-02-Rev1Engineer authentication at oil and gas production facilities
20-GCB-02 [Rev2]Sidewall vent terminations
20-GCB-03 [Rev2]Walkways and guard rails
20-GCB-04 [Rev2]Gas fired appliances used for heating Buildings Under Construction
20-GCB-05 [Rev8]Non-certified appliances and equipment require special inspection and approval
20-GCB-06 [Rev2]Door air heaters, Direct fired makeup air heaters, and Non-recirculating direct gas-fired industrial air heaters
20-GCB-07 [Rev2]Appliances and equipment require special certification for installation at high altitude
20-GCB-08 [Rev2]Liquefied petroleum gas storage vessel installations
20-GCB-09 [Rev3]Propane/natural gas utility connections
20-GCB-10 [Rev3]Fuel gas pressure piping in plants
20-GCB-11 [Rev2]Propane storage tanks designed for 200 PSIG
20-GCB-12 [Rev4]Outdoor propane appliances located on roofs, decks and balconies
20-GCB-13 [Rev4]Residential appliance venting, vent connectors and liners
20-GCB-14 [Rev3]Temporary heat for construction sites
20-GCB-15 [Rev2]Mechanically vented appliances