Meet Rob Bennett

Rob joined the Safety Codes Council as the President and CEO on August 14, 2023. After a successful banking and financial services career, Rob retired from ATB Financial in 2020 as the Executive Vice President. Following his career with ATB, Rob became the Chief Executive Officer of Kepler Academy where he successfully led a turnaround and scaling of the company, and most recently he guided the launch of SaaS digital marketing and philanthropic platform in the US market.

In the following interview, Rob shares his insight into joining the Council and his vision for the Council in the coming year.

What attracted you to the Safety Codes Council?

I was initially drawn to the Safety Codes Council due to its pivotal role in ensuring the safety and well-being of Albertans and the enabling role the Council plays in our economy. The opportunity to lead an organization that plays such a critical role in safeguarding lives and property is a tremendous honor. Additionally, the Council’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement aligns perfectly with my passion for fostering progress through technology and in regulatory frameworks. I firmly believe that by working collaboratively with stakeholders and leveraging technology, we can create safer communities and promote economic growth.

What opportunities are you most excited for with the Council? 

I am genuinely excited about the opportunities the Safety Codes Council presents. Firstly, the chance to drive modernization and digitization in our processes to enhance efficiency and accessibility is a top priority. Secondly, I look forward to further strengthening our partnerships with industry stakeholders, municipalities, and the public to ensure a unified commitment to safety. Lastly, I am excited about the potential to influence the future direction of safety codes and standards, making Alberta a leader in this regard.

What do you see as a primary focus for yourself and the Council over the next year? 

Over the next year, my primary focus is on enhancing our operational agility and responsiveness. This means streamlining our procedures, incorporating data-driven decision-making, and fostering a culture of innovation within the Council. We’ll also be actively engaged in addressing emerging safety challenges, such as those related to new technologies and environmental sustainability. Ultimately, our goal is to adapt and evolve to better serve the evolving needs of Albertans.

How do you plan to engage with stakeholders and consider their interests as the Council does its work? 

Stakeholder engagement is a cornerstone of our approach at the Safety Codes Council. We will adopt a collaborative and inclusive strategy that involves regular consultations, workshops, and open forums. We will actively seek input from industry professionals, municipalities, and the public to ensure our codes and standards reflect their evolving needs and concerns. Additionally, we will leverage technology to enhance transparency and accessibility, making it easier for stakeholders to participate in the process.

 What is the best advice someone has given you and why was it so helpful? 

The best advice I’ve received is to “embrace change as an opportunity.” This advice has been invaluable because it reminds me that every challenge, every obstacle, and every shift in our environment presents an opportunity for growth and improvement. By adopting this mindset, I’ve been able to lead teams through transformative periods and turn adversity into innovation. It’s a perspective that I plan to bring to the Safety Codes Council as we navigate the evolving landscape of safety regulations in Alberta.